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🚛本地送貨: 確認付款後3個工作天內交速遞,然後速遞約1-3天送到 📌如出貨日為週末或公眾假期,出貨日將會順延 📌

新年送禮: 每單滿$500(折扣後) 送一盒10g古法薑膏 多買多送 送完即止

🚛本地送貨: 確認付款後3個工作天內交速遞,然後速遞約1-3天送到 📌如出貨日為週末或公眾假期,出貨日將會順延 📌

新年送禮: 每單滿$500(折扣後) 送一盒10g古法薑膏 多買多送 送完即止

🚛本地送貨: 確認付款後3個工作天內交速遞,然後速遞約1-3天送到 📌如出貨日為週末或公眾假期,出貨日將會順延 📌

Return Policy

We hope that every customer can choose the product that suits them.

If you have any questions about the product, we strongly recommend that you contact us for clarification before purchasing any product!



Please contact us within 48 hours of receipt. We hope to understand the reasons for the return/exchange with you first and provide a suitable solution.

Contact: Facebookpage inbox / WhatsApp +852 5541-2172 / Email lavendernaturalliving@gmail.com

If you find that the goods have any quality problems or are incomplete, please send the waybill and received product photos to our Facebook Inbox or Whatsapp to +852 5541-2172 within 48 hours of receiving the goods. Return the product to the company.


⚠️Note: We will not be responsible for any fees or shipping charges for any returns/exchanges that are not approved.

1. Product Appreciation Period

Food or health food, customized products, unpacked electronic products and beauty equipment, unpacked personal hygiene products, etc. Except for the goods that are not applicable to the 7-day appreciation period of the "reasonable exceptions to the right to cancel the application guidelines", there is a 7-day product appreciation period (7 days including holidays) from the time the product arrives in your hands.

If you need to return the product, please contact the customer service staff within 7 days after receiving the product, and provide information such as "name", "order number", "contact phone number", "return product name", "reason for return and photo", etc., the customer service staff After receiving it, we will assist you to return and exchange the goods.


2. Instructions for returns

a. The returned product must be unused and free from damage or failure caused by human defects. The 7-day appreciation period guaranteed by the Consumer Protection Law is only for you to hesitate and confirm whether the product meets your needs, not the trial period of the product; if If this store reminds you, please keep the complete original packaging (including the outer packaging carton), otherwise returns will not be accepted.

b. Returns cannot be accepted in the following cases:

Product appreciation period beyond 7 days.
The product has been unpacked and used, or damaged due to human factors, such as: defaced, malfunctioned, damaged, worn, scratched, scratched, dirty.
The package of the returned product is damaged and incomplete, or the invoice and accessories are missing.
Malicious or bulk returns.

All overdue applications will not be accepted, and the company will return the unacceptable goods to the customer in the form of payment on delivery.

3. Return process

Contact customer service personnel → confirm that the goods can be returned → prepare the complete product and invoice → provide the collection time, contact information and address → please send it back by SF Express.

* Except for product quality problems, the customer must bear the shipping cost of the goods sent back to the company.

* Overseas guests, please contact our customer service for arrangement.

After the returned products are inspected and confirmed by the company, the refund amount will be deposited into the bank account designated by the customer within 30 days (excluding shopping money) or the refunded shopping money will be deposited into the customer's shopping account on this website within 3 days.

4. Refund Instructions

a. Credit card payer: After confirming the return is successful, the payment will be refunded directly to the original credit card account.

b. Cash on delivery: After confirming the return is successful, the refund fee will be transferred to the bank account you provided.


5. Instructions for Exchange

The returned goods must be kept in their original state and unused, and the intact original packaging box or bag, accessories, etc. must be returned together, which will not affect resale: that is, keep the goods clean, unused and placed in undamaged packaging boxes. If the packaging of the returned goods is damaged/lost, we may not be able to handle it for you.

6. Exchange process

When you and the store agree to exchange the goods, please return the original order and place a new order in the store; the company will only send you an invoice for the difference and charge or refund the fees; if there is no Those with the difference will not need to deal with it separately.

7. Precautions

All overdue applications will not be accepted, and the company will return the unacceptable goods to the customer in the form of payment on delivery.
If there are special circumstances that need to extend the return/exchange period, the company will make another arrangement after the customer provides proof.
For bank transfer refunds, if the customer chooses a bank other than HSBC, the company will refund in the form of a check. For any after-sales service inquiries, please follow up on Facebook page inbox / WhatsApp to +852 5541-2172 during office hours (Monday to Friday 11:00 - 21:00).
Reminder: Clearance and discounted items are not refundable. If any dispute arises due to return or exchange, the company reserves the right of final decision.
In case of any disputes arising from returns or exchanges, the company reserves the right of final decision.